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WHO      WE      ARE

Karen Mayo
Safety Officer - Office Manager
FAA Drone Pilot
(also in charge of all aspects of Ground Crew)
Sugar Bee & Clipper Marine
Ground Crew
(they don't go on all jobs, but we do not tell them that)
Gary Mayo
FAA Drone Pilot 

Current employee State of Nebraska State Patrol. Retired State of Nebraska Employee from Corrections. Also served at the State Department of Banking and Finance. After 38 years in a cubicle and four walls, it was time to get some fresh air and do a little flying.     For many years (1983 when we got married) I have been active in my husband's businesses.

My job title is Safety Officer - Office Manager as well as an FAA-licensed Drone Pilot. Let me know how I can help you.

Every parent hopes their kids follow in their footsteps.  Our kids are very much a part of our business and personal lives.  On the job site, they refuse hard hats and love treats! That's how they roll. If you would like to see these guys on your job site, just ask for the Ground Crew. No additional charge when available, they are pretty booked up. 

"Over The Years & Countless Photographs

The Only Constant Is 

'Pride in Work' & 'Quality Glass'

Everything Else Evolves Minute By Minute." "Gary Mayo"

I have been self-employed in family businesses from 1983 to 2018 when I retired! .  I have owned and operated Pest Control, Major Appliance Repair, Jewelry Retail, Body Arts, as well as a being employed in Law Enforcement.  I am currently an instructor for the State Patrol Concealed Carry Classes in Nebraska.  I have an spotless A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau

 (fine-print below if you cannot sleep) 

I have been involved in many aspects of photography, beginning with 35mm in 1978, sometimes deriving my sole income as a professional, other times only my pleasure while pursuing other business interests. From Layout to Lighting, Sales to Financing, Film to Darkroom, Digital to Post Processing, Weddings, Book Publishing & Large Format Printing and of course DRONES!

My first camera in college was a borrowed 35mm with a name I cannot remember, nor could I pronounce at the time. Later I advanced to a borrowed Pentax K1000. That was living! Took as many pictures as I could and nearly lived in the college darkrooms. Film was a real bother, looking back on it. Other guys had babes and beer, I had 35mm film and stainless steel darkroom pans.

In school, I was drawn to the 'rich kids' with those Nikon camera straps, and longed for the possibility of 3.5 frames per second with their clunky motor drives, and the endless possibilities of f/1:1.4 glass. Hoped someday to have a Nikon strap around my neck.

Because I was as poor as a church mouse, my first camera out of college was not a Nikon, but a Minolta X700 with several lenses and a Vivitar flash, all purchased at K-Mart for half price on sale. For several years it was my baby and produced many wonderful memories that live on today.

I try to not come off as an 'expert' as no one likes a KNOW-IT-ALL, however I have seen and done a few things in the photography arena over many years.  I watched my cousin win The Academy Award for 'Best Cinematography' and I try to bring the same award-winning dedication to my work that my cousin brought to his.

We will look you straight in the eye. Tell you if we can help, what our services will cost before any work takes place, and we back up our work with decades of dedicated service to our community. We can serve you extravagant, or bare bones depending on your wishes and budget. Our equipment inventory has what is needed for each job, in redundancy, so we get our work accomplished with no excuses.